ReSharp Services

Leave blade sharpening to the experts

At our facility in Teteven we offer our full ReSharp service, where your blades are not only sharpened, but completely re-manufactured to like-new quality again. A set of professional machines and equipment are used by our professionally trained staff. Each blade is sharpened using the best grinding technology, along with computerised tooth setting to ensure accuracy and straight, smooth cuts.

This service is available for all bandsaw blades sizes and types as well as for circular blades.

Spend more time sawing, not sharpening blades!

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Technological Consulting & Design

Do you have a new business idea, do you want to expand your production or are you applying for a financing project in the field of logging, woodworking or the furniture industry? Need a technology project? Not sure what machines you will need or how to place them?

Our experienced engineers and technologists are at your service! We can offer you a complete technological design in the field of woodworking and furniture industry with the development of a certified technological project. We can also advise you on how to achieve the desired results in the field of woodworking and furniture production.

We could be successful only if you are successful too. Plan well for optimal business results.

International Standard FSC® CoC Certification

Customers ask for certified wood? Does your Forestry Unit want you to be certified?
No problem, we are here for you.

For our colleagues from the logging, woodworking and furniture industries and for all those who produce wood products and are interested in forest certification we can be useful with:

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for FSC®-CoC certification
  • Training of staff to work with the control system
  • Connecting with leading certification organisations and assistance in choosing the best offer
  • Full assistance and support throughout the FSC®-CoC certification process for seamless and fast
  • Assistance for successful work with the system and maintenance of the certificate

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